Q: What is the VtCash?
A: VirtueTechnologyGroupLimited is a virtual currency to be issued.

Q: What is the account opening is also possible in the corporation?
A: It is possible. Individuals and corporations do not have either problem.

Q: What are the corresponding currency?
A: USD and JPY are available.

Q: VtCash it take for the trouble at the time of purchase of?
A: will vary from country to country, it takes 0.1 to 3% of the fee.

Q: Is it possible to buy with a credit card settlement VtCash?
A: Sorry. Correspondence becomes bank transfer only.

Q: Can you remit to the account of a third party name at the time of withdrawal?
A: No, you can not. It will be the withdrawal of support to only the account owner and the same name bank account for regulatory Ensure compliance related to money laundering.

Q: I forgot to log in password. How do I?
A: Please contact customer support.

Q: After purchasing the VtCash, how much time does it take until the purchase price to be reflected in my account?
A: Normally we have a 1-2 business day.

Q: Is it possible to create more than one account by one person?
A: Yes. 1 up to two per currency (a total of four account) it has been possible opening.